Smoke canisters are not new on the market. The police and the armed forces have been using them for decades like deterrents, to “blind” the opposition or to signal a position.

LOADSAFER was created to add a new utility to this element: to prevent thefts and vandalism.

Does the smoke damage interior, furniture or electronics?

If no ventilation occurs during or after the smoke discharge, a thin layer of dust will appear which can be removed with a domestic cleaning cloth. 

The smoke does not damage electronics. 

Does the smoke harm people or animals?

No, the smoke does not harm people or animals. However, the smoke can cause mild eye and/or respiratory irritation, which disappears after breathing fresh air. 

The smoke leaves a smell like burned plastic when fired, however this disappears after some hours. 

How long does it take to ventilate the premises?

Without airing the room, the smoke from the LOADSAFER will remain for about one hour.  

After strong airing for 15-30 minutes the smoke will have disappeared. 

We recommend airing the protected room as quickly as possible after the smoke discharge. 

Could the thief not simply wait until the smoke has disappeared?

LOADSAFER smoke stays in the room for about one hour if not vented.  

Multiple LOADSAFER devices can be installed to prolong the time that the room is secured. 

Is it a problem with false alarms causing accidental smoke discharges?

We recommend dual verification systems to prevent false alarms. 

Consult your installer for the ideal configuration of your security setup. 

How often will I have to replace the smoke canisters?

Unused canisters last for 3 years.  

LOADSAFER canisters are single-use devices and must therefore be replaced after each discharge. 

Can LOADSAFER protect me in the event of a robbery?

LOADSAFER is not designed to prevent against robberies. 

For this purpose, we recommend PROTECT Fog Cannons™. 

Can I install LOADSAFER as the only security system?

The LOADSAFER system can be installed independently or connected to an alarm.

Can I tweak the LOADSAFER system by opening it?

LOADSAFER is a pyrotechnical product, which can be hazardous if handled improperly.  

Strict adherence to the LOADSAFER guidelines for handling and installing must therefore be observed. 

Any tampering with the product will void the warranty.  

How should I maintain the LOADSAFER smoke system?

The LOADSAFER smoke device does not require maintenance during its lifetime (3 years). Once expired it must be replaced with a new one. 

The LOADSAFER Transport smoke security system should be service checked once a year by your installer. 

Why is an alarm system or CCTV system not enough?

Thieves know that they have between 10 and 15 minutes to operate before the police arrives, even if you have installed an alarm system. With the LOADSAFER security smoke system you stop the crime, before the intruders can steal your valuables.