LOADSAFER is part of a Spanish company, based in Alcobendas (Madrid), founded in February 2010 by a group of experts in the distribution and marketing of fog security systems. LOADSAFER has been created thanks to the experience we have acquired with the exclusive distribution of the leading brand of fog security for the Iberian market. Our dedication to this sector has allowed us to identify a need for which we have found an effective solution: to prevent the theft of items from small, confined spaces. To do this, we have developed a completely harmless security system based on smoke. LOADSAFER has a large number of certifications that guarantee the safety of this system.


LOADSAFER is a specialist smoke security system, specifically designed to prevent theft or vandalism on all types of transport and all kinds of small confined spaces.

Our business covers:

  • LOADSAFER Cansiter: the core of our security system.
  • LOADSAFER Transport and LOADSAFER GSM: development of technology to provide functionality in different specific areas.
  • LOADSAFER Connect: knowledge to integrate LOADSAFER Canister with other existing technologies.
  • The development of an international distribution network that ensures: commercial and technical training for installers, advising clients with regards to the effective installation of our security smoke systems, storage, logistics and warranty, management and repair.

LOADSAFER currently has distributors in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and is working on ambitious expansion plans that include the growth into other markets. To find out if we have distributor in your country, see the "Distributors” section on this website.