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LOADSAFER Canister is a device in a 85mm x 88mm canister form. It produces smoke from a totally harmless substance, that doesn’t make steam or leave any residue whatsoever. When an intrusion has occured to the protected area, the LOADSAFER Canister device is activated by a small electronic signal, which then produces a chemical reaction that releases smoke from the canister.

LOADSAFER Canister produces 110m3 of smoke per shot and, after the use, it is important to replace the smoke canister. The smoke generated from the device, renders the criminal blind, making it impossible for them to achieve their unlawful purpose. 

The smoke is derived from dry particles suspended in the air, between 1 and 2 microns in size, which can cause mild eye and / or respiratory irritation. This will disappear immediately when breathing fresh air. LOADSAFER has been certified by independent laboratories which have demonstrated the safety of the smoke.

The device is electronically activated by a current of 1.5 volts and 0.9 amps, during 40 milliseconds. In such a manner any domestic battery can be used to generate the necessary LOADSAFER Canister activation.

Because it is a non-pyrotechnic chemical compound, LOADSAFER Canister has no storage or transportation issues. However, it should not be exposed to temperatures above 200˚ C.