Ignacio de Juana joined LOAD SAFER as Marketing Director

Ignacio de Juana joined LOAD SAFER as Marketing Director

  • LOAD SAFER is part of a Spanish company founded in February 2010 by a group of experts in the distribution and marketing of fog security systems.
  • LOAD SAFER has created LOAD SAFER SMOKE a new security system based in smoke designed to prevent theft in transportation and small spaces.
  • Ignacio de Juana joined the company as Director of Marketing.

LOAD SAFER is a Spanish company, based in Alcobendas (Madrid), founded by a group of experts in fog security systems distribution and marketing. According to its founder and CEO, Carlos Riaza, its exclusive dedication to this sector for more than six years has allowed them to detect a need to have resolved: prevent and avoid theft of transportation and small spaces, without electricity or problems of continuous electrical supply, using a new-fangled security system based on smoke: LOAD SAFER SMOKE. It is a small canister that contains a completely harmless health substance that do not stain or leave any residue. When there is an unwanted intrusion into the protected area, the device is activated by an electric charge, generating a thick smoke which in a few seconds will inhibit the vision of the thief and greatly reduce the ability of a successful burglary. A perfect cost-effective solution for areas where it would not be cost effective to install other types of more expensive systems.

Due to the good reception given  by the national and international markets to its range of products, covering different proactive security solutions for smoke and geolocation systems, LOAD SAFER has incorporates Ignacio de Juana to the company as Marketing Director. Ignacio de Juana has developed his professional career in the marketing and communication sectors such as automotive, consumer goods distribution or slot machines, among others, working for companies such as CIRSA, McCann-Erickson, Baker Spielvogel Bates or D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles managing communication strategies for clients as Land Rover, General Motors Corporation, Chrysler-Jeep, Telefonica Data, Bosques Naturales, Jaguar or Hiunday and was a founding partner and managing director of MacGiver Marketing and communication…

LOAD SAFER activities encompass the production of canisters, base of their security systems, commercial and technical coalification of installers, advising clients on the best ways of installing smoke security systems, storage, logistics and warranty management and repair.

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