Smoke canisters are not new on the market. The police and the armed forces have been using them for decades like deterrents, to blind to the opposition or to signal a position.

LOAD SAFER, expert in security by smoke, was created to add a new utility to this element: to prevent thefts and vandalism. Aware of the problems that may arise regarding the possible consequences of their use in the field of security, ahead we expose some of them

My equipment and accessories may be damaged by the smoke?

No, security smoke is completely harmless, even for the electrical equipment, audio-visual equipment, sunglasses, jewellery, gemstones, clothing and furniture.

After several tests and trials of external laboratories with LSSMOKE certified machine smoke, LOAD SAFER proves its safety.

Is the smoke harmful for people or animals?

Not, in any case. Security smoke is completely harmless for people and animals. We have the safety data sheet that guarantees the safety of the smoke generated.

How long does it take to ventilate premises?

If your LOAD SAFER has been triggered it will not be necessary to ventilate the room. If there is no ventilation the smoke will remain for many hours in the area to protect inside and then disappear. Then you will see a thin layer of dust which can be removed with a simple domestic cleaning cloth.

Could the thief not simply wait until the smoke dissipate?

The LOAD SAFER smoke generators keep smoke in the room for many hours if they are not actively vented. In case of questions regarding response in turn times, we recommend you to install more than one LSSMOKE.

What can I do to avoid the false triggers caused accidentally?

LOAD SAFER recommended dual verification systems to prevent false alarms. Visit the section "Technical AREA" where you will find information on the subject.

The dual verification systems prevent false alarms by the associated electronic equipment failures. Your installer should install systems that allow that you to easily recognize if your LSSMOKE is enabled or not.

What would happen if a thief enters at the electric current of the establishment?

LOAD SAFER can be turned on even if the power of the building and the alarm system have been sabotaged. This is possible if you install a backup battery to start the LSSMOKE. This feature provides you with greater security.

How can I exit from the smoke?

The smoke is so dense that you cannot see your hands in front of your face. Delete it entirely, even with a strong ventilation, will take you about 20 minutes. Then there will not be any signs that may lead to think that the smoke has skyrocketed.

It is important that ventilation occurs in the hour after activation of LOAD SAFER.

When do I have to replace the container's smoke?

LOAD SAFER SMOKE systems have a shelf-life of 3 years. Once Expired the system has to replace the smoke canisters, depositing pot expired in the recycling of inorganic products container. When the system has been activated, it has to be replaced, it is a single use device.

Is the smoke dangerous for people?

No. The smoke is not dangerous for people. Protection through security smoke has a very simple function. Prevent the thief’s access to objects that are in the protected area, for a period of time of about an hour, making them invisible. The objective of the smoke generator is not to catch the thief within the local but to force him to flee the premises, avoiding the loss of valuables.

Do smoke leave smell?

The safety LOAD SAFER smoke smells like burnt plastic when fired, smell, which disappears completely after an hour or two, leaving no trace.

Can LOAD SAFER protect me in the event of a robbery?

We do not recommend the use of LOAD SAFER in case of robbery, since we do not believe that it is a system designed for this purpose. Our goal is to prevent theft in the transport and small spaces, as well as machines. If you want to find a system to prevent robberies we recommend security products by fog.

Can I install LOAD SAFER as a unique security system?

From LOAD SAFER we recommend it not be your only security system. Our mission is to help prevent theft, while that of other security systems is to warn you that you are being burglared. This part is as important as the first.

The LOAD SAFER system can be installed independently or connected to an alarm. In the latter case, when the alarm goes off, it will activate the smoke canister. For this to occur you should install a 12 volt, between the container and the alarm output, it might be possible to leverage on the alarm’s own siren output. A volumetric control between the siren and the LOAD SAFER SMOKE is recommended, this should be, independent of the alarm, to avoid false alarms which generates unwanted smoke shooting.

Using standard security market tools, LOAD SAFER has developed a solution to ensure security by smoke without installing an alarm. The technical details of the solution is available in the section 'Technical Area' of this website. This solution allows a quick, easy and inexpensive installation of the system

Can I adjust the smoke generator?

Probably yes, but it is not allowed. First, you must be authorized to work in electrical installations. Secondly, the warranty on LOAD SAFER is lost if set or manipulated any person or company that is not an approved Installer. Third, required expert knowledge to manipulate, configure, install and connect LOAD SAFER. This is the reason why all approved installers receive training and approval by LOAD SAFER.


How can I decide which LOAD SAFER range product I need?

Your authorized alarm systems installer will measure the space. He possesses the knowledge to advise you and provide you with a proposal to install smoke security appropriate to your specific needs.

Is it expensive to maintain smoke system security?

No. The LOAD SAFER smoke generators do not require maintenance during its lifetime, 3 years. Once expired you must replace it with a new one. This makes it the most economical security system on the market, given its low cost and no need of maintenance.

LOAD SAFER transportation system, we recommend that your Installer perform maintenance checks minimum once a year.

The reality is that LOAD SAFER is so effective that the investment represents a saving on potential losses and possible rises in their insurance premiums.

Can I purchase a smoke safety device by internet?

Probably yes. But you must bear in mind that it could provide a false sense of security. Security smoke, as is the case with most of the products, has a direct relationship between cost and quality. The LOAD SAFER smoke generators have a high quality and meet the legislation requirements of smoke within security of the EU. This is a warranty that LOAD SAFER devices will be at the height of their demands. In the end, you benefit is from the LOAD SAFER smoke generators thanks to its proven efficacy and long life. LOAD SAFER is synonymous of quality, efficiency and savings.

And it is not enough with an alarm or CCTV system?

Perhaps, but if you receive the visit of thieves, it is likely that they can leave the premises with your valuables. Thieves know that they have between 10 and 15 minutes to operate before the police arrives, even if you have installed an alarm system. And if you have surveillance cameras, thieves can cover the faces and avoid being identified. With the security smoke you may terminate thefts or vandalism until criminals can take over another object.

How is the security smoke produced?

The smoke is produced by combustion of harmless substances. Trip time lasts approximately 20 seconds it can cause eyes and respiratory tract irritation while exposed to the smoke. That irritation disappears when the person concerned moves to a place without smoke.

Can I hide the smoke generator?

Yes. SAFER LOAD smoke generators are prepared for hidden installations on the ceiling or behind a wall. Only a small hole where the smoke is emitted needs to be visible.

If the smoke generator is installed on a ceiling or in an attic it is important to make sure it is dry.