Robberies and theft occurring during transit account for huge losses to businesses every year. In Europe alone, it is estimated to cost more than 8,000 million Euro’s per year, whilst in the United States it is expected to reach a staggering £30,000 million dollars a year.

LOAD SAFER has developed innovative new technology, designed to prevent theft in the transport sector. Electronic management systems will detect any intrusions in the cargo area, and this will activate sixteen smoke generator units, all of which would be capable of protecting the cargo area from theft. A further communication module is available which can remotely programme and receive data from activations.

In the unlikely event that the criminals manage to steal cargo from the truck, LOAD SAFER can provide an effective tracking module for the stolen items during a twelve-hour period.

LOAD SAFER TRANSPORT is composed of four modules:




LOAD SAFER CONTROL is an electronic management system, which controls access to the vehicle cargo area, and also co-ordinate the activation of the Load Safer smoke units.

LS CONTROL can manage the activation pattern of up to sixteen LS Smoke units simultaneously.

LS CONTROL can activate or deactivate the alarm system. Once activated, it then constantly monitors the area trying to identify any possible intrusions, for example the opening of doors or the cutting of curtain sides. LS CONTROL also co-ordinated the use of a ‘panic button’

LS CONTROL also co-ordinates a battery backup function, that will enable the system to continue working for at least two weeks in the event of a power failure. (Batteries must be kept in good working condition.)

LS CONTROL will prioritise the firing of the individual LS SMOKE canister units, as well as the length of firing time. For example, it will decide which units it will activate and decide for how long e.g. if all sixteen LS SMOKE units were activated consecutively for 2 minutes each, then the blanket of smoke would last for 32 minutes, which would be sufficient time for the police or security guards to arrive.



LOAD SAFER RECOVERY is a tracking system that is activated only if freight is removed from the cargo area of the transport. In the event of activation, the LS RECOVERY devices will emit real-time location information signals as to the whereabouts of the freight, in order to allow tracking on Google Maps.

LS RECOVERY uses five different geolocation systems to allow the accurate tracking of the cargo wherever it may be. This will provide an effective solution to GPS systems that fail to work inside roofed structures. Once activated, LS RECOVERY will continue to work for at least 12 hours.

LS RECOVERY is designed to protect vulnerable cargo that may be placed immediately next to the points of entry in spite of the smoke activation.



LOAD SAFER SMOKE is a canister of 85mm x 88mm with a totally harmless substance which does not stain nor leave any residue. When intrusion takes place in the protected area, the device is activated and receives a small electronic signal that produces a chemical reaction, releasing the smoke from the container.

LS SMOKE produces 110m3 of smoke per shot and, after use, it is necessary to replace it with a new smoke canister. The smoke generated makes it impossible for the thief to see thus stopping him from achieving his purpose.

LS SMOKE is originated from dry particles suspended in the air, between 1 and 2 microns in size, which can cause a mild eye and / or respiratory irritation which disappears immediately breathing fresh air. LOAD SAFER has certifications issued by independent laboratories which demonstrate the safety of smoke generated.

The electrical activation of the device is caused by a voltage of 1.5 volts and 0.9 amps, during 40 milliseconds. In such a manner any stack or domestic battery can generate the necessary energy for LS SMOKE activation.

Because is a non-pyrotechnic chemical compound LS SMOKE has no storage problems nor during transportation. The only limitation is: No exposure to temperatures above 200˚C